Film / TV / Video


Imagery that moves (you)

Never before has the moving image had the ability to reach so many people. Video has quickly become an indispensable tool in the new media landscape. With a diverse pool of creative talent, the convenience of in-house editing, VFX, and finishing, along with a full-service production team, we streamline the video creation process to bring your vision to life at a value that makes sense.



Image is Everything

Your brand depends on the ability to convey your message in the right way. At VODA studios, we are dedicated to delivering that need.

Drawing on years of experience and the most talented crews this industry has to offer, we maintain highly efficient workflows that allow creative minds to do what they do best—all at a value and turnaround that will surprise you.



The finishing touches at your fingertips

Feature film quality editorial has never been so accessible. VODA employs the latest editorial and finishing software / hardware, allowing us to take advantage of the industry’s leading technology to bring you real-time editing, compositing, VFX, and color grading. Real-time means work happens at the speed of your creativity.

we provide:

editing   /   VFX   /   color grading   /   finishing audio   /   motion design

Capture Services


You worry about the image and we’ll take care of the rest

With our capture services you can focus on creating amazing images and we’ll handle the rest. We’ve been supporting crews large and small alike from the beginning, providing knowledgeable techs, equipped with the most up-to-date tools and workflows. Whether it’s video or stills, we understand that every shoot is different and we can build the best system to fit your needs. We’re at home in the studio, the beach or the mountains alike; wherever your capture needs, we’re there for you.

Custom Retouching



Beautiful photography deserves every bit of the time and attention in post-production as it does on set. Our retouchers are committed to achieving a balance of artistry and technology to deliver precise color, perfect tones, and complex compositing. Their expertise with the latest techniques are backed by years of experience in traditional and digital media. From on-set image production, to fine detail airbrushing and compositing, the artists at VODA have you covered.